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Earn extra income with the Dive Master Affiliate scheme

Welcome to the Dive Master Online Affiliate Scheme.

  • Dive Master Affiliates earn 7.5% commission on every insurance product purchased by your clients through a web link on your site to Dive Master’s site.
  • Not only that, but you continue to receive the 7.5% commission each year the client renews.

It is as simple as that ... Plus

  • We provide you with posters and promotional materials.
  • An admin area where you can monitor insurance sales to your clients
  • A click through banner on your site to our website
  • Paperless online system

So register now and accept our Online Affiliate Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA). Once signed up, will assess your application and provide you with the required banner links and promotional material after which your company can act as an introducer of Dive Master Insurance Products to your customers and earn commission on each sale.

To register for the affiliates scheme complete our online application

If you have contacted us in the past about this programme but have not accepted the online TOBA please follow this link: https://www.divemasterinsurance.com.au/affiliates/AffiliateApplication.php or simply log in below and fill in the online registration form.   Don’t forget to read the online introducers TOBA and accept the conditions.

Existing Affiliate Scheme members please log in here:

Dive Master Affiliate Program
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